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The PayDay Brand

PayDay Software Systems is a leading and professional Payroll and Human Resources Software Company, adding value to business via the application of its client-oriented and user-empowerment approach. Our consulting methodology is focused on applying business management principles to both of the above disciplines. This also brings the benefits of project management to light. At PayDay we believe that our honesty, integrity, transparency, product knowledge and customer service constitute the basis of our shared values. The reason for our success is not our innovative products, or the fact that we work together in teams, nor our commitment to quality. It is the TRUST our staff, clients, business partners and investors have in one another. This crucial factor is not acquired overnight. It is only achieved by constantly delivering what has been promised. The evidence of such commitment is LOYALTY – to the PayDay brand and what it represents. PayDay Software Systems is both a member of the South African Payroll Association and the Payroll Authors Group. Via these associations, PayDay is able to remain at the cutting edge of legislation in South Africa.

Our People

Above all, we empower our staff. Our environment is one of continuous learning, regardless of cultural background, gender, rank or position.
By doing this, we have grown from strength to strength, ensuring that the PayDay team members transfer their specialist knowledge to our clients. We acknowledge the fact that our clients need our guidance and expertise. We take this responsibility very seriously, indeed. Therefore, every effort is made within PayDay to ensure that staff members are empowered with the necessary training and authority to take timeous decisions on projects. PayDay Software Systems empowers its people to accept responsibility, equipped with the necessary authority to take decisions. We have the best technological resources and support available, ensuring that the decisions we take is informed and that our clients’ expectations are, at the very least, always met – if not surpassed.

Our Service Offering

PayDay offers a broad range of Payroll and Human Capital expertise to the non-core functions of organisations within South Africa, but also on the African continent. The purpose: Transforming strategic processes into value-added functions.
Our main focus is the application of our knowledge, to consult and manage our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Of key importance is the establishment of service-level requirements, measurable key performance indicators, best practices and standards. Change, communication and risk management form an integral part of all our projects, from initiation to completion. Thereby PayDay is able to integrate professional support disciplines into the work environment.

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