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A simple, user-friendly online Employee Self Service system

The IRP5 document is one of the most important documents for employees as they are required to submit it as part of their annual tax returns. It includes:

  •  The employee’s personal details
  •  Details of the employee’s earnings i.e. salary, bonus, etc.
  •  Details of the employee’s deductions i.e. pension, medical aid, etc.
  •  PAYE paid over to SARS by the employer.

Physically, printing and issuing of this document is a thing of the past with ESS South Africa. PayDay Visual is a whole new world of paperless technology that will help you streamline your HR processes and give your employees the convenience of instantly accessing their processed IRP5’s online and the option of printing them in their own time. Streamline your business and save time with employee self service software.

Core Features of ESS

  • View live leave balances
  • Online leave applications and overtime claims follow an automatic approval process before updating on the live system
  • Leave and overtime matrixes are available to managers
  • PDF payslips can be printed or emailed
  • It provides direct access to view and print current and previous payslips as well as IRP5's
  • Payslips for the past 11 months are available
  • All IRP5's since 2006 are available
  • It allows for electronic updates of basic employee details by the employee himself/herself, e.g. bank details, address, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can users print out their own payslips?

Yes, there is a print and download option.

Can users print out their own IRP5’s?

Yes, there is a print option and download option.

Does the application communicate via email?

Yes, users are notified via email for each step of the transaction process.

Does the system live update?

Yes, in synch with the payroll data at all times.

Can users attach documents?

Yes, they can upload documents e.g. medical certificates, proof of address and qualifications.

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