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Apart from our human capital management software, you might also benefit from biometric clocking systems and employee self service software in South Africa.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ESS cater for transactions submitted on behalf of another employee?

The ESS module makes provision for a function whereupon a user (not necessarily a manager) can submit a leave transaction on behalf of an employee without having to access to their ESS record.

How many historical leave transactions can be stored in the PayDay Leave Module?

There is no limit to the amount of transactions.  When you start using the leave module, the transactions will accumulate.  In addition to that, should the client have historical leave transactions from a previous system, we can add that to the leave history transactions.

Should DoL change the EEA2 and EEA4 reporting format, how will my system “know” it has changed?

Those statutory updates are performed on a global scale and the client will receive a notification to install a new software update.

If we have more than one user on the PayDay system, how do we control who does what?

The password module is very complex and can be drilled down per user, per line if necessary.  The passwords can also either be shared amongst different companies on your system, or each company can have their own unique password per user.

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