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Full coverage training on all PayDay software modules.

Discover the latest payroll and human capital software courses in South Africa.

Ideally, every professional working in the finance department of any company will have a number of payroll courses, as well as related courses, in their repertoire. We’ve created a list of courses for our clients to use to enhance their knowledge.
Our informative payroll courses are conducted by a certified facilitator who will provide an all-round teaching experience, answer your questions and ensure that once the course is completed, you have a certification that will assist in improving the work you do.

Covering everything from the basics of payroll to the more in-depth side of the subject, no stone is left unturned when experiencing this educational journey to better understanding.
Having both the skills and the ability to understand and correctly interpret the legislation surrounding payroll, employee tax, and HR duties are something that no business can do without. The laws surrounding HR management as well as payroll are never permanently set, instead, they are forever changing and evolving to accommodate the developments in each sector. By having the most up to date knowledge, professionals can be certain that the company they work for tows the line by staying on the right side of the law. And it is up to the company to ensure that they keep those working for them up to date by sending them on the right payroll courses.
Luckily for those involved, these payroll courses are the best short courses in South Africa, which means the employee will be out of the office for a day or two at the most. Short courses allow companies to correctly plan ahead while enjoying the benefits of gaining new, helpful information.

Staying compliant with the laws relating to payroll and HR should be a priority for any company.

We’ve created an exceptional list of courses for our clients, each covering everything they need to know. Our short payroll courses and HR courses are ideal for those who are already working in the industry and who need to refresh their existing knowledge, while the courses are equally perfect for those wanting to enter the industry and are looking for the best, most comprehensive course.

Each course is laid out in such a way that the trainee will learn how to integrate their knowledge with our PayDay software systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the filing season start and end?

The filing season for Employers normally commence on 1 April and concludes 60 days later unless if otherwise announced by SARS. Please take note that the last working day of the 60 day period would be the last date to submit files via e@syFile to SARS.

How should reimbursive allowances be handled on the payroll?

There are 2 types/instances of possible reimbursive allowance transactions:

  • Receiving other allowance (travel) plus being reimbursed MUST be declared on the payroll on a separate earning line as “Non-Taxable” on the Payroll but subjected for taxation on assessment. Therefore, a logbook MUST be kept for assessment by SARS. Defaulting on providing a logbook which reflects business kilometres travelled and claimed WILL result in SARS taxing the reimbursive allowance in full. Code 3702 will be the applicable and correct SARS source code to use in this case for the amount not exceeding the prescribed amount. Any reimbursement above the prescribed amount must be reflected under code 3722 and taxed as Monthly (fully) on a separate earning line.
  • Receiving a reimbursement that’s not in conjunction with another travel allowance and not in excess of the prescribed amount must be declared as “Non-Taxable” on a separate line on the Payroll under code 3703. Normally a logbook would not be necessary for assessment processes. Should the amount however exceed the prescribed amount, the full amount must be moved to the line on the payroll with code 3702 and a logbook would be applicable in this case. All money exceeding the prescribed amount must be moved and paid on the line of the payroll bearing the code 3722 and this would become fully taxable on the payroll.
What is AA88?

The AA88 document is issued by SARS. This is a penalty, bearing interest in lieu of assessments not submitted to SARS for certain tax years. The penalty for non-submitting returns to SARS will increase monthly with interest and values as determined by SARS. Also referred to as an “Agent Appointment”

How do we track and implement the split between 3702 and 3722 on a payroll?
  • 3702 Refers to the maximum prescribed amount for re-imbursements, by the Minister of Finance (SARS) – amount not to be taxed on the Payroll system but only on assessment of the Employee.
  • 3722 Refers to the amount exceeding the prescribed amount relating to reimbursive allowances for a specific Tax Year. This payment must be taxed fully (Monthly) on the Payroll system.
Can PayDay export the file to the bank for electronic payments?

Yes, PayDay accommodates all EFT/ACB file layouts.

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