What Makes PayDay Software and Services Better? (eGuide)
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What Makes PayDay Software and Services Better

What makes PayDay Software and Services Better?

What Makes PayDay Software and Services Better

What makes PayDay Software and Services Better?


Payroll software is used by businesses of all sizes to automate the time-consuming tasks of determining and paying employees’ salaries, as well as keeping track of and reporting on payroll-related data including taxes and deductions.

Features like time-keeping, benefits management, and legal and regulatory conformity are also included in this software.

By automating routine operations and decreasing room for error, payroll software can help businesses save time and money.


PayDay Software Systems is an industry-leading payroll and human resources management software provider that helps businesses succeed by focusing on their customers and giving them a voice in the product development process.

PayDay was founded in 1989, and ever since then, has been at the forefront of innovative technology, using only the finest technological resources and support to bring customers a unique blend of on-premise and cloud-based options.

The company is South African based and provides payroll and human resource management services to businesses across Africa.

PayDay uses its expertise to help clients with their ever-evolving requirements. The development of service-level specifications, key performance indicators, best practices, and standards are crucial. All company projects, from conception to conclusion, are built on a foundation of managing change, communication, and risk. As a result, PayDay is able to incorporate a wide range of specialised support fields into the workplace. In this article, we look at what makes PayDay software and services so much better.

PayDay Software


Time-consuming administrative tasks like payroll processing can be made much more manageable with the help of a user-friendly and comprehensive payroll software solution. PayDay is a reliable and simple payroll solution that has simplified the process for many businesses. All of the modules are easy to use and are designed with the consumer in mind. PayDay also provides module-specific training which helps users get the best out of their PayDay Software.


The development of PayDay software is predicated on an in-depth understanding of its customers’ requirements and preferences, gleaned from extensive market research and roundtable discussions with those customers. Software for timekeeping and employee self-service are also available as part of the PayDay suite of modules.

Streamlining Human Resources


Human resource management software is essential to the growth and prosperity of any company in South Africa due to the ease with which it facilitates and integrates the administration of all relevant personnel data.

Human resources departments can save time and energy by using PayDay software’s automated payroll and benefits administration, performance tracking, and employee self-service portals. Human resource management software can also aid in adhering to South African labour rules and regulations, lessening the likelihood of non-compliance and associated fines. HR software implementation will boost productivity, cut costs, and enhance the employee experience, all of which are important to the running of a successful business in South Africa.

Time and Attendance


PayDay Visible is a time and attendance system that companies can use to monitor their employees’ time in the office.


The user-friendly biometric clocking system lets all authorised personnel easily examine, alter, and approve employee clocking in and out.


The biometric timekeeping system’s main features include:


  • Information about attendance, scheduling, and absences in real time.
  • Reduced errors in payroll processing.
  • Successfully managed labour expenditures with strategic scheduling.
  • Overtime rates are calculated according to customer-specific rules.
  • Less absenteeism and a reduction of associated costs.

Employee Self Service


PayDay Visual’s employee self-service software helps boost productivity and lower administrative costs. Allowing employees to update personal information, check payslips and benefits, and submit leave applications, reduces HR staff workload, freeing them up to focus on more vital responsibilities. Giving employees access and control over their data, empowers the staff and in so doing improves workplace satisfaction and engagement. Employee self-service software reduces administrative costs and boosts employee happiness, increasing the bottom line.


Some fundamental characteristics are as follows:


  • Online requests for leave and overtime pay are sent through an automated approval process before being reflected in the live system.
  • See current leave (vacation time) balances.
  • Managers can access leave and overtime matrices.
  • Basic information about an employee, such as financial information, contact information, and address, can be updated by the employee electronically.
  • Payslips in PDFformat can be viewed and printed or sent through email.
  • Current and historical payslips, as well as IRP5s, are easily accessible. Employer-collected PAYE is transferred to SARS.

Due to employee self-service’s digital transformation in South Africa, physical distribution of the IRP5 document is now obsolete. With the innovative paperless technology of PayDay Visual, companies can expedite all HR procedures and provide their employees with easy online access to their generated IRP5s. And they can then print the document whenever it is most convenient for them. The use of employee self-service software will streamline operations and cut down on wasted time.

Online payroll


PayDay Virtual is a payroll online and human capital system that can be used anywhere in the world, at any time — as long as there is an internet connection. PayDay Virtual is a low-cost, user-friendly, cloud-based human resource and payroll solution for businesses of all sizes. Workplace software installation is not required. A “responsive view” was implemented into the system’s design to ensure that users can access the system from any browser and smart device.

PayDay will set up company details, earnings and deductions and handle all software changes, so businesses are compliant with new regulations and improvements to the system.

Characteristics at its core include:

  • Automated generation of regulatory filings.
  • Standardised reporting.
  • Safe and reliable automated backups.
  • Leave requests, reports, and employee history.
  • Payslips in PDF format that comply with UIF and SARS and can be printed or emailed to employees.

A repository of archived employee information from which to draw reference.

Staff commitment and expertise


PayDay values its employees highly and actively encourages their growth, development and well-being. All employees are encouraged to pursue ongoing education within the organisation. As a result, PayDay has flourished, and clients can rest assured that the specialised knowledge of the PayDay team is being effectively transferred.


PayDay takes its obligation to serve its customers with precision, promptness, and consideration for their individual circumstances extremely seriously. Therefore, PayDay makes great efforts to equip its employees with the knowledge and discretion they need to make prompt judgements about the projects they’re responsible for. With the proper training and resources, employees at PayDay Software Systems are able to assume responsibility and make decisions with confidence.


PayDay’s success is not only due to the company’s innovative merchandise, its dedicated employees, or the quality of its products. It is also because of the confidence and trust that everyone involved with PayDay has in one another.

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